Oana: Bad Habits During Testing Activities

A bad habit that I’ve been trying to get rid of for years: when I start a testing project I tend to focus too much on the results and too little on people.

How does this abstract idea manifests in real life? Here is how…

It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve started a new project. We have to help a team in the US to do a final round of testing before the product reaches the beta testing phase. It is a very tight schedule and we’ve missed the first two days of testing because of environment configurations and user account issues.

Dolly: Bad Habits During Testing Activities

This is a really hard question and gives me a lot to think of. Not because I don’t have bad habits, but because it’s really hard to recognize them. Even though I know that there is a lot to learn about testing and a lot of improvement to do on my skills, it’s difficult to figure out what I need to do better while I’m doing my job.

But this is the first step in improving my testing skills. If I manage to recognize what my bad habits are while testing, I will know what to improve next.

Autumn Camp 2015: the event where the testers discovered the Uncaught OutOfCsíkiSörException

Tabăra de Testare (TdT), literally The Testing Camp, is a community built around testers and other professionals from the IT industry who share knowledge and learn from their peers’ experiences during monthly meetings. The community has four chapters in Romania and some Altoms – Oana, Alex, Adina and myself – are actively involved in its development, alongside a handful of other facilitators from Cluj, Bucharest, Timișoara and Iași.

The Article Challenge

Summer at Altom has been full of challenges. Some of these have showed up in previous posts on our blog. This post is an introduction to a challenge focused on writing and sharing of perspectives on testing matters that matter to us.

The idea was launched during one of our Friday lunches and the Altoms embraced it: let’s each propose one or several topics ­ related to the testing experience ­ that we consider significant/ would love to explore, write/ read about, then organize a poll, and write articles on the most-voted topics.

September at Altom

September, the first month of autumn has come and go and the summer atmosphere was still felt in the air, as days were still long and warm.

But the Altoms didn’t waste any minute and were as active as usual: working and finishing projects, taking part in competitions and organizing the Autumn Camp together with other colleagues at Tabăra de Testare.

So let’s take them one by one.

August at Altom

July has been a wonderful sunny month and August hasn’t been less. Even though some of our colleagues have been enjoying their Summer holidays, we still celebrated anniversaries, finished projects and involved in new ones.

Long story short, read below! 😀

Be in constant learning mode

Summer holidays are here and thoughts might run away to beaches, sea or mountains. But, responsible as we are, we must also think about autumn, getting back to the offices and learn new things.

We, at Altom, think that everyone should learn something new everyday and also teach fellow testers new terms and techniques that could make their work flow easier. And we are doing this by organizing courses and conferences online and offline.

July at Altom

July, as the second official month of summer, has been a joyful one for the Altoms: anniversaries, team building, filming for the EuroSTAR’s TeamSTAR competition, but also a hardworking one: preparing the RST and RSTM for October, working on several projects and tutoring interns. This is the style that we like: work hard, play hard!

So, read our July story!