July at Altom

July, as the second official month of summer, has been a joyful one for the Altoms: anniversaries, team building, filming for the EuroSTAR’s TeamSTAR competition, but also a hardworking one: preparing the RST and RSTM for October, working on several projects and tutoring interns. This is the style that we like: work hard, play hard!

So, read our July story! 😀

Right after we celebrated seven years of Altom at the end of June, four new colleagues joined us for a summer internship: Denisa, Cristian, Melinda and Timea. We are really happy to have them around and to work together. We are also happy that we can show them a new perspective on testing. Tutoring is really fun when you have around the right persons.

Other fun parts were the anniversaries: Happy Birthdays go to Rareș, Ale Ci and Andra! Rares and Ale Ci were the blessed ones last month, as they also celebrated their Altom Anniversary, along with Ale Ca, Dolly and Bogdan. Thank you once again for the sweets and being with us. We wish you many happy years ahead!

Now let’s switch to a more serious part: organizing the RST and RSTM this October: conference room and meals are already settled, the registration period began, so we can’t wait to meet the participants and get them to be inspired by James Bach. You can find more details about the courses here and here.

Another fun for work activity in July was filming the short movie “A movie without testing” for the EuroSTAR Conference in Maastricht. We are one out of the ten finalists. It’s been a while since Altom members visited Netherlands and EuroSTAR Conferences is an important event in the world of testing. So why don’t you help us get there? The link for the voting session is this one. Team Altom is on the second position. Click on its side, enter your e-mail and confirm. There are three simple steps that will help our colleagues have an intense experience this autumn.

Last but not least, we would like to show you some pictures from our team building, when we also celebrated seven years of Altom. The theme of the weekend was “Back to school”. Several activities took place, in order to keep us both entertained and energized: the adventure park at Balu was a real challenge, but all of us managed to finish the trails, the most difficult one also (we are so proud of Alex and Bogdan!); the paintball session showed us one more time what team spirit means and nobody got hurt (very bad); riding horses was also a challenge for the ones that never did it before, but what started with fear, transformed into “I want more!”. The conclusion of the weekend escape is that Altoms are not people that are easily frightened, nor do they give up easily.

July was a wonderful month for us and August also started to be promising! But you’ll find more about this in September!

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