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Summer holidays are here and thoughts might run away to beaches, sea or mountains. But, responsible as we are, we must also think about autumn, getting back to the offices and learn new things.

We, at Altom, think that everyone should learn something new everyday and also teach fellow testers new terms and techniques that could make their work flow easier. And we are doing this by organizing courses and conferences both online and offline.

This autumn in particular will be busy for us, as in November we are organizing another BBST Foundations series, where Alexandra Casapu and Ru Cindrea (our colleagues), together with Gabriel Dobritescu will be the instructors.

What is BBST Foundations about? Let us explain:

BBST Foundations is organized around four critical challenges in software testing: what the mission of a testing effort is and how the project strategy helps achieve that mission; how a tester can determine whether or not the program has passed a test; what the key challenges in developing and using software metrics are; how we can measure the amount of testing that has been done and estimate the amount of testing that remains and how we can decide when to stop testing.

If you are interested in finding more details about Black Box Software Testing, get in touch with our instructors and have access to Cem Kaner’s material, feel free to join us starting November 15, by registering here.

Even though the online courses are very helpful, allowing the student to choose the timeframe he or she can study, we are also aware that a more personal contact with the trainer is important, that is why, every year, we bring an international trainer to Romania. Last year it was Michael Bolton’s turn to visit Cluj and this October we invited James Bach to deliver the Rapid Software Testing and Rapid Software Testing for Managers classes.

As James Bach says, Rapid Software Testing is a complete methodology adapted to contemporary testing, in a context in which time is limited, products are complex and the schedules are turbulent.

Rapid Software Testing for Managers is developed not only for testers or test managers, but also for product managers, HR managers with technical background and developers.

If you know who James Bach is, why don’t you take advantage of this great opportunity to have him next to you and discuss important matters in testing and not only.

Busy summer for Altom, but the autumn will be rewarding, for sure!

Check out our website and see you in October and November! We can’t wait to meet you and become friends or to see you again after a while!

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