Professional Software Testing

The core of our business and an area in which we are:

The experts

There’s no modest way to put this. We have all the knowledge and expertise to test highly complex and challenging systems. Our team is fluent in debugging and determined to deliver the absolute best results.

The explorers

Each project is unique, every need differs from client to client. That’s why we combine the scripted method with the exploratory approach, where we can adapt our tests based on our findings. We do context-driven testing and run a pilot whenever possible. We also use methodologies like Session Based Test Management to structure our activities. A higher level of customisation ultimately brings value to our projects, partners and the entire industry.

The innovators

The beaten path is safe but not always rewarding. We like to get our hands dirty and bring change as often as we can, because innovation is an integral part of what we do. That’s why most of the time you’ll hear us talk about writing code to test more efficiently or developing new tools that enhance results.

The passionate ones

We really are! We love what we do, believe in our work and strive for excellence.

Here are the testing services we provide

Functional Testing

Designing and performing powerful tests to reveal problems with product functioning. Some of these tests may require automation, for a higher precision.

Performance and Load Testing

Investigating application behaviour during high loads or specific user interactions. This generates useful insights and efficient solutions.

Usability Testing

Making sure that the software offers the best possible experience by detecting traps hidden throughout the user journey.

Accessibility Testing

Bringing the product into compliance with international standards. This includes testing accessibility for a wide array of users, from the visually impaired to those with limited movement capabilities.

Compatibility Testing

Checking the working parameters of the application on multiple platforms, browsers or devices. Innovative technologies and customised scripts are used for optimal results.

Security Testing

Discovering flaws and vulnerabilities within the software. The tools and techniques employed must be as ingenious as the hackers themselves.

Automation Framework Development

Building a test framework around an automation tool of choice. The development of these tests always focuses on their maintainability and clarity.

Regression Testing

Ensuring the software performs as intended regardless of any change or enhancement. This is done in a way that constantly evaluates existing automation scripts and improves their speed and accuracy.

Test Tool Development

Creating customised tools in response to specific issues or scenarios. This bold approach ensures enhanced testing and extensive reporting throughout the project.

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