August at Altom

July has been a wonderful sunny month and August hasn’t been less. Even though some of our colleagues have been enjoying their Summer holidays, we still celebrated anniversaries, finished projects and involved in new ones.

Long story short, read below! 😀

Although usually August is considered to be a “dead month”, there are always exceptions.

Our colleagues Ru and Bogdan have launched the K-Cards on Android. What is it about?

K-Cards are used for facilitating discussions and keeping track of discussion threads. They were first used by a group of software testers as part of their peer-conference facilitation at events like WTSTs (Workshop on Teaching Software Testing) and WOC (Workshop on Open Certification). The initial concept was developed and used by Paul Holland, his wife Karen and Scott Barber.

The facilitator of a discussion keeps track of discussion threads/topics and who wants to (still) talk about them using color cards that the participants show.

Here are all the colors and their meaning:

  • Green: Please place me on the new thread list
  • Yellow: Please place me on the same thread list
  • Red (or pink): Oooh, oooh, I must speak now (or important admin issue: e.g.: I can’t hear)
  • Blue (or purple): I feel this discussion is becoming (or has become) a rat hole. – This one is not used at larger conferences.

This is a simple app that replaces the need to have actual physical color cards – participants can set the color they want and show it to the facilitator using their own device.

Find the app in Google Play here and in App Store here.

As no month in Altom passes without celebrations, we said Happy Birthday to Levi, Adina and Dorel.

We also had two Altom celebrations: Alex, 7 years and Anca 3. We are happy to have you with us and we wish you many happy green years!

Neither the organizing details for the RST and RSTM were forgotten. We are happy to announce you that all the places for the Rapid Software Testing with James Bach and for the Rapid Software Testing for Managers are fully booked.

The next BBST Foundation class starts on November 14, so don’t miss the chance to book your place now!

We were also present at TITAN Conference in Karlskrona (Sweden) and we are also sponsoring Tabăra de Testare, which will take place at the end of September at Balu Park, in Harghita, where we also celebrated our seventh birthday.

Last but not least, here are some photos of the highlights of the month:

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