About Altom

Altom is a software testing company founded in 2008, in Cluj-Napoca, by a group of senior test consultants: Oana Casapu, Ru Cindrea and Alexandru Rotaru.

From the beginning, our main goal was to start a company that would provide specialised software testing services for an advanced evaluation of the clients’ software.

We believe in intellectually rich and structured testing, with focus on testers’ advanced skills. This is reflected in the name Altom, that translates as “a different/ a new person”, echoing an old Romanian saying: ma simt alt om (I feel like a new person). We are trying to promote and support a different attitude to testing and help our clients and employees enjoy the benefits of this change.

We are guided by excellence, as our focus is solely on Software Testing. This guarantees high quality services and consultancy.

We offer a model of business centred on working together with our clients. We ask for feedback and adapt our style to best suit the project.

We take pride in our honesty and loyalty, by being committed to our engagements and building long-term relationships.

We truly think transparency is the key. By keeping the information flow simple, clear and relevant, we ease communication with clients, partners and employees.

We will never stop improving. Our testing skills and knowledge base are constantly expanding in order to provide up-to-date services.

Milestones in our story

In 2011 we have opened a secondary office in Helsinki, to stay connected to our clients from the nordic countries.

As a valuable addition to our testing services, we have included Courses and Training sessions in our portfolio. The aim is to improve testers’ technical skills. RST classes delivered by James Bach and Michael Bolton were initially organised, followed by several onsite custom training sessions for some of our clients and partners. In 2014 we have started a collaboration with Kaner, Fiedler & Associates to deliver the BBST® online course series. For more info, access the dedicated website: https://bbst.courses. In 2015 we have presented our first testing tool, a robotic arm designed to solve some of the critical challenges of test automation. Since then we’ve worked on several other tools that enhance our testing.