AltWalker 0.4.0: Support for Python 3.12, new fixtures, and LiveViewer release

In our continuous pursuit to contribute with valuable tools and knowledge to the world of software testing, we’re thrilled to announce that we hit an important milestone with the release of AltWalker 0.4.0 and AltWalker LiveViewer.

In this article, we’ll go through the latest features and enhancements introduced in AltWalker 0.4.0, including support for Python 3.12, new fixtures, and the highly anticipated LiveViewer release.

What is AltWalker?

First, let’s circle back to what AltWalker represents and what it does. Part of Altom’s tool palette, AltWalker is an open-source model-based testing framework, designed to streamline test execution. With AltWalker, you have the flexibility to create your tests as directed graphs, and the framework takes charge of generating the test flow and executing them autonomously.

If you want to dive deeper into how AltWalker works, check this out.

Now let’s proceed to our key updates regarding the tool and present you the AltWalker LiveViewer.

Support for Python 3.12

The load_module() method has been deprecated and is scheduled for removal in Python 3.12. AltWalker has transitioned to using exec_module instead. Additionally, the verify, walk, and online commands now include the --import-mode option, offering the following values:

  • importlib: This mode employs importlib to import test modules.
  • prepend: The directory containing each module is prepended to the end of sys.path if not already there.
  • append: The directory containing each module is appended to the end of sys.path if not already there.

New fixtures

Two new fixtures have been introduced:

  • beforeStep: Will be executed before every step.
  • afterStep: Will be executed after every step.

You can define these fixtures in your test code like this:

# tests/

def beforeStep():
    """Will be executed before every step."""

def afterStep():
    """Will be executed after every step."""

class ModelA:

    def beforeStep():
        """Will be executed before every step from this model."""

    def afterStep():
        """Will be executed after every step from this model."""

    # ...

These fixtures offer you the flexibility to customize behavior before and after individual steps, enhancing the control and functionality of your test suite.

Check out the documentation for more details.


AltWalker LiveViewer

If you want to see the initial release of AltWalker’s LiveViewer, you can find the repository here:

AltWalker’s LiveViewer is a powerful open source tool designed to enhance your experience with AltWalker. This application provides real-time visualization and monitoring capabilities for your AltWalker test runs, allowing you to gain deeper insights into test execution, track progress, and identify potential issues with ease. With AltWalker’s LiveViewer, you can effortlessly keep an eye on the execution of your test models and ensure the success of your testing endeavors.

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