AltWalker is a model-based testing framework for automating test execution. You design your tests as a directed graph and AltWalker creates the test flow and executes them. It uses GraphWalker to generate paths through a graph.

Main features

  • Web-based model editor and visualizer 
  • Visual Studio Code extension for editing and visualizing JSON models
  • Test flow generation from a graph using graphwalker  
  • Command line tool to verify model and code correctness 
  • Online and offline test execution in Python or C# 
  • Integration with your own executor

Use Cases

See below how the model and test flow looks in different contexts.

Testing A Unity Game

In this demo, we used AltWalker to randomize the test execution. We create a directed graph to represent the different states the game can be in. At each node, our tool checks the current state of the game and decides randomly which step will be executed next.

Testing Ecommerce Websites

In this demo, we used AltWalker to test the main functionality of an e-commerce website. At each step, our tool checks the behavior of the site and decides randomly which is the next action to be executed from all the possible ones within the model.

Testing An Online Auctioning System

This use-case below explains how State Model-Based Testing and AltWalker have brought value to a complex auctioning system.

It describes how the team used AltWalker, what challenges they had, what bugs they found, and how the testing approach they came up with made them happier, as testers.

AltWalker is open source and you can find it here. Read the documentation for more info.

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