New BBST® Foundations class starts on 8 March

If you are serious about software testing, then the BBST® course series is something you should definitely consider – it’s like no other course you’ll find available on the market!

The course has a solid academic background as the content has been created by Cem Kaner during his long teaching career at Florida Institute of Technology.

The course has been built into an online version that is suited for software testing professionals that have a full-time job by Rebecca Fiedler. The course spans over 1 month, with carefully set deadlines for assignments and 1 week to get ready for the exam. It requires between 15 and 20 hours of study per week.

Altom instructors provide individual feedback for each assignment, as well as in an interactive grading session over Skype, where students receive feedback on their final exam at the end of the course. The purpose of this feedback is to maximize learning.

The first module is BBST® Foundations, a class that is mandatory before getting to the next course, which is Bug Advocacy. To see the classes planned for 2015, please check our website:

Some details to remember:

Start date: 8 March

Duration: 1 month

Study time commitment: 15 – 20 hours per week


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