ISTQB Certification Survey Results

We had a total of 81 responses to our ISTQB certification survey. The analysis below will first look at the responses provided by the 57 testers that are certified and will then show the same graphs with the answers provided by the 24 testers that are not yet certified.

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ISTQB Certified Testers and their opinions

To find an answer to our initial question, have a look at the graph below. Though arguable, this graph tells us that ISTQB really is worth it:

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More than 90% of the certified testers believe ISTQB is useful and would recommend it to others, while more than 60% of them believe that having an ISTQB certificate helped them to get a better job.

Moreover, as you can see below, more than 90% of them also learned new things while studying for the exam:

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Finally, the pie below shows which is the most common ISTQB certificate:

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Testers that are NOT (yet) certified and their opinions

If you think the answers provided by the certified testers are surprising, please have a look at the ones provided by the testers that don’t have a certificate. More than 80% of the the people who said they don’t have the ISTQB certification and don’t plan to take the exam believe they would learn new things if they studied for it:

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Even more surprising, more than 70% of them believe that ISTQB is useful (and only 1 of them said it would be useful for someone else) and would recommend it to others:

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Why don’t they plan to get certified in the future? Is it the price of taking the exam? The price of the courses and their value? Doubt that self-study is enough for passing the exam?

As observed by one of the specialists who filled in the questionnaire, another interesting aspects that this survey doesn’t cover is weather the content of the ISTQB certification complies with indu
stry standards.

These are all questions that could be included in another survey. Until then, please feel free to send us your own thoughts and let us know what you make of these results.

Disclaimer: Survey results are based on data collected from members of Software Testing and QA LinkedIn groups as well as testers and test specialists from our own personal network. Information on which the survey results were based was not audited or verified. We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the survey or of any information presented here. The information is presented without warranty, express or implied. We assume no liability for loss or damage as a result of errors or omissions in the information presented on this website, or for damages resulting from use or misuse of data presented on this page. Persons or entities using these survey results do so at their own risk. 

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