ISTQB Certification

We’ve heard many different opinions about the efficiency and value of an ISTQB certification (Foundation or Advanced level) so we decided to upload this survey on our blog.

We will gather the results and post them here later on to see if you think getting an ISTQB certification is really worth it.–T2e98Zqx1Gg/viewform

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One response to “ISTQB Certification

  1. I did take the course for Foundation. I did take the exam, but I did not pay for the paper (my former company should have payed, but I had to change the company and did not have the money exactly then, so it’s some kind of canceled). All the things I learned, I was already using. But I had 5 years of experience at that time. For a begginer QA it’s just putting order into things. It explains the “why is important to do this and that in that order”. I think it should be mandatory for training a young team. A good trick also. Get them to study and use them for one year. However, there is nothing you can’t learn from experience in less than one year. If you are a little curious and learn stuff by yourself usually, even less. The biggest problem is the material is not really updated. It teaches you as much as aritmetics teach you about Furie and La Grage theory. You can’t understand it without knowing 1+456+555, but it’s only a base. My motto is: If you can’t make them understand, confuse them.

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