Visit our stand at MWC 2018

If you are visiting MWC this year, come by our stand to talk about testing and check out our testing tools (including our testing robot in action). We will be in Hall 8.0, Stand 8.0I1, at the Romanian IT Pavilion. If you would like to schedule a meeting, contact us here. See you at MWC!

RoWST – Romanian Workshop on Software Testing

Last year, together with Catalin Anastasoaie, we started a series of one-day events under the umbrella of Tabara de Testare (“TdT”) with the purpose of building a testing community in Romania. It was a very interesting experience that helped us meet clever and skillful people from Bucuresti, Iasi, Cluj and Timisoara willing to share their experiences and learn from the community.

Letsdoitromania – a great testing exercise

This weekend Altom participated for the second time in LetsDoItRomania! The program is part of, started by the Estonians in 2008, that has the target to clean the country by involving a big number of people. This year we didn’t have the time to get involved in the organization of the event, but we managed to gather a team of 5 people: Ionela, Levi, Ramona, Oana and myself :D. …

2011: A CAST Odyssey

Last week I had the chance to be in Seattle for CAST2011 and I think it was definitely worth the effort to apply for a US visa, travel for 30 hours to get there, and another 30 to get back.


The conference was fully organized by volunteers, people that gave up their free time to make sure that the others enjoyed the conference.


Two days before the starting of the event everything was on time. Please read: “everything that the organizers had thought of”, as…

Buying train tickets in Romania – a tester’s story.

This year (or maybe at the end of last year) the Romanian national railroad company (CFR) introduced a new payment method: by bank card. I know we’re in 2010 and that this system has been in place for several years in many parts of the world, but in Romania it hadn’t been before. The thing I like most about this is that the option is only available in one ticket office from Bucharest Central Station – Gara de Nord – the one for international tickets, and nowhere else in Romania, as far as I know.
For the first seven months of this year I traveled almost weekly with the train, an 95% of the time I paid the ticket with a bank card. During this time, I observed the following process for POS ticket payment: …

Flex/Flash Test Automation Tools

For a while now, I’ve been involved in testing a complex media web application developed in Flex, and I got to the point where some help from a tool would have been much appreciated :). I have to admit that this was my first RIA project, so I decided to dig a little bit into it, especially regarding the options one would have in automating some of the functional tests.

I don’t want to argue about the ROI of an automated GUI test suite, or about the fact that maybe it would be much more useful to automate some other types of testing like unit and performance (there are specific tools for each of these).

All the info from this post can be found on the internet, but it takes a lot of time and trouble to gather and analyze it. This post will provide a list of tools I found that support Flex Automation, hoping it will help you if you’re thinking about functional testing automation for Flex based applications.

The Flash in the blackbox
The main issue with RIA Flex applications is …

Who is Altom?

The recently formed company has three owners: Raluca (will be referred to as Ru), Oana and me (Alex).

After working as employees or freelancers for different companies (from small to multinationals), in four countries (Romania, US, Finland and UK), we decided to build our own small company, based in Romania, and put in practice all the things we have learned since we started working.
Our goal is to implement the things we learned and liked, and do our best to avoid things we disliked when it comes to both customers and employees.

We will not try to reinvent the wheel, we’ll just do what we do best: manage and perform software testing related activities.