What companies should not hire test consultants?

Most companies would benefit from either test management services that would improve their testing processes, test specialists that would target and test very specific parts of a product or test execution services that would bring fast and objective results. There are a few companies, however, that would be better off not hiring test consultants.

Some companies are so resistant to change and so confident in their own processes and practices that hiring test consultants would not bring any value to their software development activities and their quality.

Software testing alone cannot make software better. Software testing services will help companies identify risks and measure the quality of a product using a set of relevant testing metrics – but still the company/project manager needs to act to improve the level of quality. Doing all the testing tasks in an efficient manner may be a waste of time and money if their results are not taken into account.
Another situation that works against test consultants is that of long projects with no clear schedule and deadlines. In this case, companies should consider recruiting and training a test team rather then calling a test consultancy company, unless this provides recruiting and training services as well.

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