Using Test Consultants

We have decided to write a series of articles to explain the benefits, the disadvantages and the common misconceptions regarding the use of test consultants in the software development industry.

Before going into any details, we should first understand what a Test Consultant is.

A Test Consultant is a professional that is focusing on objectively measuring and evaluating the quality level of a software product and advising project managers regarding further actions needed before a product goes live. Test Consultants may be specialized in test management, performance, security, usability, automation or functional testing, on mobile devices software, or applications specific to a particular platform etc. They may belong to organizations that do software (test) consultancy or they can be independent consultants (working on their own).

We will structure the series into 4 different articles:

  1. Why would you want to hire a test consultant?
  2. When should you hire a test consultant?
  3. What companies should not hire test consultants?
  4. What are the common misconceptions regarding test consultancy?
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