October at Altom

October has been a pretty busy month for Altoms: attending conferences and organizing two in one week is not an easy job. But one value that characterize us is teamwork, so we managed to get everything done and spend the last day of the month celebrating Halloween together.

At the beginning of the month, Oana, Ru, Alex and Bogdan attended Internet & Mobile World in Bucharest. The conference gathered important names in the IT industry on its stages (Digital & E-commerce, Business Software and Developers Stage). We are proud to announce that Ru and Bogdan were also invited on Developers Stage to present AltTap, our robot that is set to test on touchscreen devices. There were three full days where we met so many interesting people with whom we had very productive conversations and we hope we’ll still keep in touch.

Whilst our delegates were in Bucharest, part of the team in Cluj were preparing the last details for RST and RSTM with James Bach that was to take place at the end of the month. Better be cautious than forget something important!

Both RST and RSTM were fully booked one month earlier and the participants seemed eager to meet James Bach and attend the events. James has returned to Romania after four years to meet the testers and teach them about RST and RSTM. Besides the classes, James attended and shared his knowledge at a Tabăra de Testare meetup and was also open to having dinner with the participants. We have invited James to our office to ask him some questions, you just have to wait a little to see the interview that we made. One week passed more quickly, as part of the Altom team attended both events.

Another two events that Altoms attended were “The Power of Storytelling” organized by DOR and Business Days, for inspirational talks or tips and tricks in the industry.

For Halloween we met at our office and spent the evening with thematic movies, pizzas and drinks, as friends do. 🙂

As we were saying before, no month passes in Altom without celebrations: in October we had four celebrations: Cristi, Simina, Monica and Sandra became one year wiser and three Altomsaries: Dorel, Oana and Simina. May you all be happy in the green office and we are happy to have you in our team!

Some photos to recap lovely October:

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