November at Altom

November at Altom was challenging: conferences, anniversaries and upgrading the office.

So, the first days of November came with a newly decorated office, a greener one. Our wall covered in plants makes the office look better, be healthier and it reminds us of the beautiful nature whilst inside four walls.

The 10th of the month brought a first challenge for the Altoms: the Software Testing World Cup. We are still waiting for the jury to deliver the results.

Next challenge on the list was for Ru: being one of the speakers at Better Software East Conference in Orlando, Florida. The theme was “Detection Theory Applied to Finding and Fixing Defects”.  Rumours say that she did great and we also got the confirmation from other peer participants at the conference. Well done, Ru! We can’t wait to see you on the stage again!

The third big challenge was for Ale: delivering the “Examine your testing skills” workshop at Let’s Test South Africa. This was a double challenge for Ale, both with delivering the workshop and visiting a new continent and getting to know a new culture. She did great with both, coming back home with lots of memories and ideas to share.

As almost no month passes without Altoms being present at a fair & conference event, it was Apps World in London turn this time. Oana, Alex and Bogdan had a blast in London for the two days of the conference.

Celebrations are part of the office life and this month we celebrated Anca and Georgi for their anniversaries and Ralu and Georgi for their Altomsaries. So yes, we have one lucky girl with a double celebration. Girls, be sunny and joyful! 😀

A short summary of the month in pictures:

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