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In our strive for better testing, we have created a collection of tools while working with our customers. Take a look at what we have developed so far and let us know if there’s any tool that you think you want to make use of. We can also tweak it for your needs.

AltTap is a robot designed to help with and mitigate some of the critical challenges of test automation.It is especially useful in scenarios involving the running of tests on push-button and touchscreen devices. It can perform either a card swipe or card chip read with a pin code. At the same time it can interact with the POS buttons and the IOS application that is running on an iPhone paired with the POS over bluetooth.

WebUI Checker is a Selenium library for visual UI checking using screenshot comparison technology.

AltRunner is a mobile automation tool for running tests through Appium on multiple mobile devices.

The turntable for testing helps us with testing apps that require 360° movements, for example apps that take photos.

AltUnityTester is a tool that allows you to use Appium to test applications and games developed with Unity 3D.

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