Session-Based Test Management with James Bach

Session-Based Test Management is a way to manage testing without turning it into a dull set of instructions. It’s also a way to make testing measurable without disrupting the process. It’s based on the idea of a “session.” Test sessions are standard-length uninterrupted time boxes during which we test. SBTM is a systematic approach to documenting and estimating testing. This class walks you through all the essentials of how to apply SBTM (and also its cousin: Thread-Based Test Management).A big part of this class is the experience of looking closely at testing– at what really happens when we test. This encounter with reality is the antidote to our industry’s obsession with test cases. You will see we don’t need test cases to do a good and credible job of testing.

Computers are required, as we will be testing a live product during class.

You will learn:

  • How testing flows from learning to analysis to deep testing.
  • Using mindmaps to help us test.
  • How to perform a testopsy.
  • How the session debriefings work.
  • How to create test charters.
  • How to use the breakdown metrics.
  • How Thread-Based Test Management works with SBTM.
  • How to use sessions to estimate future work.
  • How to take testing notes.