WebUI Checker

On some of the projects we worked on, we needed to check that some UI characteristics are left unchanged/intact from one release/sprint to another or to pinpoint any unwanted UI changes in a fast way and with no tedious activities. One of our colleagues started working on a library that we could use in our tests to solve this problem.

This is how WebUIChecker was born.

How it works

WebUI Checker is an open-source JAVA library that integrates with your Selenium tests. It allows you to compare a current screenshot of an element, viewport, or full page of your web app with a baseline screenshot that you saved previously. Pass or fail criteria can be established by the difference in the number of pixels, percentage of pixels, or binary.

The pixel mismatch is highlighted in the reports. You can see 3 examples in this video. This tool is useful for checking changes that could otherwise go unnoticed or that would be too complex to test at the code level.

We’ve open-sourced it under a GPL license so that people can use it and give us feedback.

Give it a try and tell us your thoughts!