A testing tool extremely handy when dealing with photo or VR apps that require various movements.

The turntable we have built helps us simulate various movements so that we can do advanced and reliable tests.

For example, it can rotate at various angles (up to 360°) so that we can test an app for panoramic photos.

It can also tilt while rotating so that we can simulate some of the human head movements when testing specific scenarios for a VR application.

We plan to add additional features to accurately simulate all human head movements. This will open up the possibility of additional tests for VR apps or other types of apps that need to have specific movements simulated.

Demo simulating hand movements

In this demo, we are using three of our testing tools to automate and randomize the testing of a Unity game while simulating the actions a user would perform.

We used a game where the player’s movements are triggered by the device’s sensors. Here you can see how TurnTable is simulating the users’ hand movements allowing us to use automation for this scenario as well.

Demo simulating head movements