Unlock your full delivery potential with an enhanced testing process

A solution-oriented audit of your testing process will help you understand what you need to improve and how.

Free Testing Process Audit

An effective testing process enables you to make smart decisions and scale fast

Find critical bugs before showcasing new features

Have relevant and successful demos

Keep customers happy and partners secured

Get faster feedback during the development cycle

Know where your blockers are, why they appear and how to fix them

We will find the problematic aspects in your testing process and offer solutions suitable to your context. The audit will include an analysis of:

Test strategy and testing approaches

Entry and exit criteria for items in testing

Testing visibility of testing activities and testing progress

Testing techniques used vs the ones that are suitable

Communication flow in the testing/project team

Metrics used to measure testing performance

Clarity of the testing quality and product status

Skills available in the team vs the ones that are needed

Tester/developer ratio and task distribution between testers and developers

Tracking of test coverage

Testing tools used and their efficiency

Bug investigation and tracking

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Over the past 12 years, we’ve been constantly improving our testing methods, training, and tools up to the point where we can truly consider ourselves experts and innovators.

Altom has brought us rigor, discipline, and intelligence. Their teams are thoughtful, insightful and are able to consider all quality dimensions, pushing our teams to strive to achieve a higher level of quality.

– Ethan Richardson, Tecknoworks

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Get a solution-oriented audit of your testing process

Effective software testing enables you to scale fast while keeping your clients and partners happy. Let’s start that process now!