Professional Software Testing

We have the expertise for testing highly complex and challenging systems. Our team masters a wide collection of testing techniques. This allows us to do various types of testing in a manner that is versatile and efficient. We enhance our testing by developing frameworks, tools and applications that help us get to the bottom of any testing problem.

Functional software testing

We design and perform powerful tests to find relevant problems in the way your product functions across its collection of features. We may decide that some tests need to be automated for a higher precision, for large data sets, or where repetition is involved. We will pick the suitable tools or implement new ones.

Performance and load testing

We investigate how fast your application responds to specific user interactions or how it behaves during busy times. We give you insights regarding what you need to optimise to have a responsive application that stays up and running when you get the user load that you dream of.

It may be the front-end, it may be the server or something else that is playing tricks on you – we can find where the bottleneck is. We will test like we are an “army of users” and keep an eye out for any indicators that could show something is failing to respond. You may need to add extra hardware, update libraries, optimise algorithms, but first you need to know where the problems are, don’t you?

Usability testing

We have a sensitive eye for the look of your app. We can detect if something is hard to complete or to notice. If the product contains traps you never intended to have, we can find those, too. We are sure you want your users to have the best experience with your product and we can help you with that. 

Accessibility testing

If you want your product to be accessible to a large variety of people,  you definitely need to test that they can easily use it, including your users that might be visually impaired or might have limited movement capabilities. Is the text readable? Can it be efficiently parsed by screen readers? Are the flows in your app optimised? Do you have captions for your media content? We can test your product for all these and check if you’re compliant with international standards on this matter.

Compatibility testing

Is your product intended to work on multiple platforms? Maybe you want to verify that it actually does…and we have a special interest to develop solutions to do this efficiently. We could use image recognition to check the look and feel of your app on multiple web browsers. We can develop scripts to check that your product functions in the same way on all the platforms you claim your product supports.

Security testing

It’s not a buzzword anymore, but an essential type of testing for current applications. Keep yourself and your clients safe by finding the security vulnerabilities in your application. We won’t hesitate to make use of tools, scripts and knowledge of the most common security vulnerabilities to do security testing. Hackers are inventive, but so are we.

Automation framework development

We work on building a test framework around your automation tool of choice. When creating the tests and their structure, we will focus on the maintainability and clarity of the tests. Have you heard of partial oracles or high volume automated testing? We use them for this and we’d love to discuss with you how and why they work. We look for smart ways of deciding if an automated test has passed or failed.

Regression testing

No one likes to maintain and run regression tests, but everyone wants to have them run after every build. We try to break this cycle of “too many tests to run, too many errors in the tests for them to be useful”. We evaluate existing automated regression suites and look for ways to simplify scenarios, improve speed and accuracy, remove flakiness. We constantly improve this type of regression testing and monitor results from test suites to gradually make the tests efficient and trustworthy again.

Test tool development

Excellent testing is not easy to do, so we need to add custom built tools to our tool belt in order to catch more elusive bugs in a given system. These are some of the things we worked on to expand our tool belt:

  • Do we need to test something that we can’t interact with programatically? We can build a robotic arm for that!
  • Does the app heavily utilise a mobile device’s accelerometer? We can build a turning table to physically move the device!
  • Do we need to manage a multitude of devices to run tests on? We can build a manager that handles all of it.
  • Do we need to run UI tests on mobile games built in Unity, and there are no readily available tools to do this? We can write one ourselves, and make it open source so others could benefit from it too.

Nothing stops us from our thorough investigations! If you have a testing problem that we can help you with, then we’re up for the challenge!


  • Skilled test professionals to test your application
  • Testing is enhanced and more powerful with suitable test tools
  • Excellent test reporting throughout the project
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