Test automation solutions for the mobile industry

Game Testing Case Study

Key achievements

  • Provide an accessible automation framework for everyone involved in the project
  • Offer a solution for device fragmentation and the diversity of resolutions

Types of testing

Compatibility Testing
Functional Testing
Mobile Application Testing
Test automation

Tools & technologies



Game development
Mobile Apps

The client

Bitbar provides one of the most comprehensive and scalable mobile testing products and test automation solutions for the mobile industry, enabling mobile developers to build high-quality apps, games, and websites.

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Mobile Game Industry Challenges

The needs and challenges

Companies that were using Bitbar Testing (Testdroid technology) were looking to get fast feedback on their games by running basic checks on many different devices.

Most of them were also interested in running checks on both iOS and Android and they mostly wanted to see that the game starts, loads correctly, and in a reasonable amount of time on as many devices as possible.

Some companies were also looking into adding tests to verify the first steps of the game, finishing the first few levels, navigating through the main menus, or trying out the most important features.

Our solution

The first part of our solution was using Apium. It offered great interaction with the device on both iOS and Android, supported many programming languages (so each company could choose their favorite), and was a favorite of many testers that are familiar with UI Automation in general, as it’s similar to Selenium WebDriver.

The second part was to use image recognition to detect “objects” (pictures) on the screen. For games developed using game engines like Unity or Unreal, that don’t use the native UI frameworks, Appium couldn’t detect any of the objects on the game. Clicking at specific coordinates was not an option considering the device fragmentation problem that most companies were trying to solve and the diversity of resolutions available out there.

We had a lot of success combining these two solutions, providing our client with a process through which users could get fast feedback on their games, running basic checks on different devices.

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