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Altom is a Romanian software testing company founded in 2008 by a group of senior test consultants – Oana Casapu, Ru Cindrea and Alexandru Rotaru.

From the beginning, our goal was to start a company that would provide exclusively software testing services and software testing consultancy for an independent evaluation of the clients’ software. Our main office is located in Cluj-Napoca, a city that offers very good business opportunities, as well as excellent software testing experts and well-trained IT specialists.

One of our main goals is to help consolidate the testing community and contribute to changing the view on testing. This is reflected in the name we have chosen for ourselves – “Altom” – which translates as “a different / a new person”, echoing an old Romanian saying “Ma simt alt om” (literally, “I feel like a new person”, meaning “I feel so much better and refreshed” after a positive change). Indeed, we are trying to promote and support a different attitude to testing and help our clients and our employees enjoy the benefits of this change.

Training on Testing

Since 2009, we have collaborated with AIESEC Cluj-Napoca on several IT projects, by delivering training sessions, presentations and guidance, in an attempt to help students get an insight on software testing.

We have organized public training sessions with inspiring and groundbreaking software testing consultants in Cluj-Napoca and Helsinki. The training courses have been primarily aimed at professionals working in the field and wanting to improve their software testing skills.

New Approaches Added to the Toolkit: Exploratory Testing

We like to stay up to date with the latest trends and practices in the software development field. We assimilate the new and use it it in our work, adapting it to our projects. 2010 has added a new dimension to our testing universe: the exploratory testing approach. We have embraced this innovative way of testing and thinking about testing, integrating it with the traditional scripted approach, in a complementary perspective.

Office in Finland

In the beginning of 2011 we have decided to get closer to our Finnish clients by opening an office in Helsinki.

Conferences and Presentations

Later during the same year, our colleague Alex held a presentation at CAST (the annual Conference of the Association for Software Testing), drawing on our experience of the testing world and the evolution of our testing worldview.

Continuous Learning

During these four years, our client portfolio has continuously grown and diversified, and so have our projects. We have also expanded and strengthened our team with talented and skilled people, as passionate about testing and as eager to learn as we all here at Altom are.

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