AltUnityTester v.1.5.0

What’s new:  Refactoring This update was mostly focused on refactoring the project to make it easier in future to implement new features. We also make the C# driver to be independent from Unity in case someone wants to write C# tests but doesn’t have Unity. Functionalities We changed how we find objects in the scene…. read more

AltUnityTester Update – C# Editor Tests, More Actions and Java Bindings

Today we just released an update for AltUnityTester (v. 1.2), a Unity3d plugin that enabled UI automation on games and apps developed in Unity. We described the reasoning behind AltUnityTester and our motivation in a longer blog post, here: The first version of the plugin relied heavily on Appium for all interaction with elements,… read more

AltUnityTester – Testing Unity games and apps using Appium

AltUnityTester is an open source tool for Unity testing that lets you find and interact with elements from a Unity app/game from your Python Appium scripts. Before going into details about AltUnityTester, I want to tell you a bit about my own context and the struggles I’ve had in mobile games automation.