Marketing Specialist

Join our dynamic environment, where we strive for excellence while taking care of our and the business’s needs, listening to one another, and seeking to improve our relationships.

As part of Altom’s team, you’re contributing to a different culture in the software testing industry, a more conscious one where we strive to improve the world around us.  It’s a challenging and exciting journey!

Marketing activities

The marketing team works closely with different teams (product department, HR, etc.) to build an honest and transparent brand and promote Altom’s courses, tools, and services.

Business development and strategy

  • Understand the specifics of our activities, identify new audiences, and analyze the market needs
  • Measure and analyze results and optimize campaigns
  • Communicate with other teams to gather the necessary information for marketing materials
  • Contribute to the continuous development of our brands
  • Identify new business opportunities and lead-generation channels
  • Organize our own workshops and events

Hands-on marketing activities

  • Build and implement social media strategies, from copy to design (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Create PPC campaigns (Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.)
  • Content marketing campaigns from concept to coordination and execution (blog posts, webinars, newsletter, etc.)
  • Promote our brands at national and international events

Website optimization and updates

  • Website tracking and traffic analysis 
  • Copywriting and on-page optimization
  • Update products and text on the website (WordPress)
  • Create landing pages and other marketing-related content or pages
  • Collaborate with designers and other service providers for promotional materials

Bring any new or different ideas to the table and make it your own. 😉

Who would best fit our team

  • A friendly person focused on long-term relationships, looking to build strong brands and communities 
  • A curious individual who asks questions collaborates well with others and sees feedback as an essential part of work
  • A well-structured and logical thinker who enjoys creating strategies and finding solutions to (more or less) complicated matters
  • A marketer with a fair amount of experience capable of doing the activities listed above, managing their own time and responsibilities 
  • A proficient English communicator who is comfortable with both writing and speaking 
  • Knowing Google Ads, SEO, Usefathom/Google Analytics, or Photoshop are a plus