AltUnity Tester v.1.5.5

We just released a new version of AltUnity Tester. Not the most exciting release as no new features were added, but we made some improvements by fixing several bugs. The most important fixes are:

  • AltUnity no longer gets stuck when it tries to connect to the server.(Several people had this issue). 
  • The port which is set in AltUnityEditor is the one that the server will use. 
  • AltUnity works again with Python 2.7. 
  • Other fixes and improvements can be found in the Changelog

We also created a google group which you could join to ask for support, clarifications or to give us feedback. You’ll find useful materials, example projects and tutorials to help you get started with AltUnity tester. 

The most exciting thing that happened last month is that we reached 1000 downloads from the Asset Store. So, we want to thank all of our users and contributors for supporting us. 

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