logo AccesaAccesa

Middle and large-size organizations rely on Accesa for key support in times of technological change: strong know-how in application modernization and creating solutions with respect to software sustainability and business priorities.
We have collaborated with Accesa on several projects. On one of these projects we provided consultancy with regards to estimating testing, selecting testing approach and relevant reporting. We performed functional testing for a web application. The project also involved interaction with the client’s partners to ensure a successful delivery.
On a second project, our mission was to bring structure to the testing process on the applications of a services company: set up efficient and transparent testing processes, and meaningful reporting; select relevant tools to support testing; communicate with clients to identify their needs and expectations.

We help them with:

test consultancy, test management, functional testing


logo AdobeAdobe

Our collaboration with Adobe has span across several projects.
Altom provided the Quality Engineering Lead for a CS5-related project developed by Adobe Romania, one of Adobe’s R&D centers. Our consultant worked on-site as part of the client’s SCRUM team, coordinating their internal Quality Engineers, as well as their external contractors, while performing unit, integration, and localization testing.
We also collaborated on a project involving the testing of a media platform, in an Agile environment. We explored how the various components integrated with each other, we ran regression tests, and also performed release validation on various platforms and devices for desktop and mobile clients.
Also, we developed an automation framework for an authentication and authorization API.
We helped them with:

test lead, integration testing, localization testing, regression testing, compatibility testing, functional testing, automated testing


logo Articulate MarketingArticulate Marketing

Articulate Marketing is a London company specializing in content-based marketing, providing copywriting services, training and consultancy. We have collaborated on several projects, ranging from website verification (presentation websites developed using WP content management system) to testing a complex SaaS application – Turbine HQ. Meeting the need for an independent review of new features and functionality, the Turbine HQ project consisted of several testing rounds. We performed functional tests, as well as compatibility and regression testing.

We helped them with:

functional testing, compatibility testing, localization testing, regression testing, website basic performance evaluation


Logo Betfair Betfair

Betfair is one of the largest online gaming operators, providing a full range of sports betting and gaming products. We helped them with developing and maintaining an automation framework, using Java and TestNG (with Selenium WebDriver), for a particular area of their betting web application. We also performed manual testing of the application on mobile devices.

We helped them with:
automation testing, functional testing, regression testing, testing on mobile devices


Logo BlueoptimaBlueOptima

BlueOptima provides real-time integrated software development analytics enabling enterprises to deliver better software faster and at lower cost. BlueOptima does this through a SaaS application that integrates with existing source code and project management tools. Altom’s role was to carry out the final testing phase in their product development cycle giving BlueOptima an independent perspective on new functionality and a last line of defence for usability issues and software bugs. This was done by reviewing, updating and executing a set of tests, as well as by evaluating their options on building an automated set of tests to be used during future development cycles.

We helped them with:
functional testing, integration testing


Logo FyuseFyuse

Fyuse, developed by Fyusion, California, US, is a mobile app for creating and sharing interactive 3D images, available for both iOS and Android.
We have setup up their Continuous Integration environment and the automated framework for testing mobile apps. We are currently helping them develop automated tests for their mobile apps, working both remotely and on-site with the team.

We have helped them with:
Continuous Integration, setting up automation framework, automated tests/checks for iOS and Android, smoke testing, functional testing


Logo GrandlundGranlund

We are collaborating with the software division at Granlund, offering testing services for one of their products, a maintenance management system. We perform functional testing while aiming at understanding more and more the users and their needs, contributing to successful releases of new features, as well as exploring and analyzing existing features critically. Building an understanding of the complex system and its intricacies while communicating effectively with the team is an opportunity that we see to bring value in a remote set-up, which is one of our main goals on the project.

We helped them with:
exploratory testing, functional testing


Logo MorpheanMorphean

Morphean provides a VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) B2B solution for more than 40 partners across Europe. Due to its architecture, the product is flexible, serving the needs of customers interested in good security solutions, along with customers interested in fast analytics for their retail business.
We help them with regression testing for each iteration in order to validate the new releases/versions of their web application. We are involved in development of new features where we are responsible for testing the new functionality and informing stakeholders about product’s level of quality. We perform exploratory testing also on the mobile app versions. Along with bug reports, we deliver dashboards with information about test coverage, testability and risks identified in each iteration. This provides visibility for decision-making.

We help them with:
functional testing, regression testing, exploratory testing



Logo Novinium Novinium

Novinium is a company specialized in underground cable rejuvenation. We perform functional testing for several internal tools they use in their day-to-day activity. Our goal is to test new features and validate the new releases of applications. We perform manual testing; we have also created an automated test suite to best fit our client’s needs.

We help them with:
functional testing, automation testing, regression testing



Logo Summit Summit

Summit is a changemaker in online retailing. They’ve been working with some of Europe’s most successful retailers and brands, helping them to make more money from retailing online. Their purpose is simple and commercial: to make it more likely that people buy from their clients than anyone else.
We are working as part of several distributed agile teams. We contribute to the projects that focus on developing components of online selling solutions for large European based companies. Our testers are performing web, mobile and API testing in a structured exploratory approach.

We help them with:
functional testing, exploratory testing, API testing, web testing, software testing training


Logo Tecknoworks Tecknoworks

Tecknoworks is a software development company specialized in web and Windows database management solutions and mobile applications. Altom’s team worked on site at the client’s office in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We collaborated on several projects involving the testing of web-based applications and mobile applications available on multiple platforms.
Our latest collaboration is a project which aims to rewrite an existing desktop application for prescribing and administering medicines in hospitals as well as dispensing drugs using robots. The new system will be web-based. We have helped our client with: understanding and mapping the way the current system’s features work and interact (drug conflict checking, inpatient and outpatient prescribing; administration; dispensing); identifying the risks involved in rewriting the old system’s features and interactions; testing the application based on realistic and relevant scenarios; coordinating the testing effort. We are also working on developing an automation project for the new system.

We help them with:
exploratory testing, functional testing, integration testing, compatibility testing, regression testing, acceptance testing


Logo VistoVisto

Our client was looking for a team of experienced mobile software testers to assist with the acceptance testing process with a major GSM provider in the UK for their mobile push email solution. Altom’s team worked on site at the client’s office in London, running existing test cases on new versions of the application, as well as working with the end client to discuss and isolate issues found during their acceptance testing phase.

We helped them with:
regression testing, acceptance testing