AltUnityTester Update – C# Editor Tests, More Actions and Java Bindings

Today we just released an update for AltUnityTester (v. 1.2), a Unity3d plugin that enabled UI automation on games and apps developed in Unity.

We described the reasoning behind AltUnityTester and our motivation in a longer blog post, here:

AltUnityTester – Testing Unity games and apps using Appium

The first version of the plugin relied heavily on Appium for all interaction with elements, and AltUnityTester only provided the means to find Unity elements. In version 1.2, all that changes:

  • Appium is no longer required, but can be still used alongside AltUnityTester scripts to interact with the device
  • We have added C# support for writing tests, and you can now run these tests straight from the Unity Editor:

  • We added a lot of actions that can now be done straight from AltUnityTester, without the need to use Appium. For a full list, please see our docs here:

  • We added Java bindings – all actions are now supported from Java as well, these are available here

We plan to update the video tutorial soon to show how to use the new features. Until then, let us know how you find the new C# tests and using the Unity Editor!


Dolly: Bad Habits During Testing Activities

This is a really hard question and gives me a lot to think of. Not because I don’t have bad habits, but because it’s really hard to recognize them. Even though I know that there is a lot to learn about testing and a lot of improvement to do on my skills, it’s difficult to figure out what I need to do better while I’m doing my job.

But this is the first step in improving my testing skills. If I manage to recognize what my bad habits are while testing, I will know what to improve next.

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