We are starting a new BBST® Foundations course session this October

The new BBST® Foundations course session will debut on 5 October, and will last until 2 November.

We cannot stress enough the richness of the experience of attending this course, as novice or professional tester. We invite you to read more details about the course and testimonials from former students by visiting the course page at http://altom.training/bbst-foundations/

We are delighted to be organizing a new session of the course, and hope that many of you will be joining us.

BBST Reason for Attending

Altom at IMWorld 2014

On 8-9 October 2014 we will be getting up to date with the latest trends and newest technologies in the industry at the Internet & Mobile World event at Romexpo Bucharest.

We are excited to be attending one of the largest digital industry events in Romania.

You can find us at stand 20!

Internet & Mobile World 2014 Banner

Altom's Mischievous Leprechauns are the winners of EuroSTAR's 2014 TeamSTAR competition

We are happy to share the news! Our colleagues, Ale, Ramo, Rares and Sandra, will be attending this year’s EuroSTAR conference as TeamSTAR. They have already started to make lists with the tutorials and lectures they would like to attend, and hope to do a good job conveying their conference experience through the daily video diary they will be creating.
Thank you everyone for your support!

Lovely day for a video: Altom in the TeamSTAR 2014 competition

We couldn’t resist EuroSTAR’s TeamSTAR competition this year either. We – Ale, Ramo, Rares and Sandra – put on our leprechaun hats and cooked up a mischievous plan to convince our boss to let us attend the conference in Dublin. It took minions, high heels, and a curious app to brew our little video. No need to travel to the end of the rainbow to see it, you can have a look at it here.

Leprechauns treasure their pots of gold. These Altom leprechauns, however, dream of pots filled with votes – and we hope we won’t need to make use of our special magic to get them, muhahaaa!

You can cast your vote here: conference.eurostarsoftwaretesting.com. Voting ends this Friday.

Cheers! 😉

Writing tests with BDD

1. The four Ws of BDD

1.1. What ?
BDD (Behaviour-Driven Development) is a concept in which acceptance tests are written as examples that anyone on the team can understand. The process of writing those examples is a collaborative effort of the developers, testers, and the business owner (“los tres amigos”). They decide together if the thing they set out to be built is the right one, before starting implementing it. In doing so, a deliberate effort to develop a shared, ubiquitous language (used and understood by everyone involved in the project) for talking about the system is created.
BDD scenarios are built around…

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SBTM with iTester and Google Drive

SBTM (Session-Based Test Management) is one of the ways of structuring exploratory testing. There are several tools that help you implement SBTM in your testing work. At Altom, we have developed a couple of our own tools to help us manage our exploratory testing, each suitable for different needs. One of these tools is iTester, which should be useful in case you are running a test session in an environment where using a computer is not practical, while your iPad or iPhone is close at hand. There is also an equivalent for your Google Drive: the SBTM Session Template which allows you to record your sessions straight from your browser, without installing any additional tools.

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